Milavitsa store


  • Bright, modern, stylish, light and airy shop for a wide range of customers
  • Store concept was developed by a British design studio
  • Preferred locations in shopping centers of “A” and “B” class, ground or 1st floor, central shopping streets of a city, places of traffic interchanges and high pedestrian traffic
  • Sales area is 50 to 120 sq.m
  • Modern concept of interior and showcase decoration
  • Well-chosen bright lighting
  • Rational arrangement of retail space
  • Zoning of sales area by collections
  • User-friendly in-store equipment: capacious storage bins for additional storage of products enable quick and easy restocking
  • Comfortable fitting rooms
  • The number of sales staff: 4 to 5 persons

Milavitsa assortment


  • The basis of the target audience of the Milavitsa store is women aged 25-55 appreciating comfort, quality and original product design
  • Wide style range and price spectrum allow the creation of a selective assortment taking into consideration the peculiarities of the location and target population of a particular store
  • More than 700 styles per year
  • Range of back sizes from 65 to 120, with cup sizes from A to J
  • Monthly renewal of fashion collections
  • The assortment matrix of the Milavitsa store includes: Milavitsa Classic Collection, Milavitsa Fashion Collection, Milavitsa Beachwear, Alisee Collection, Sleepwear and homewear, Hildalgo men’s underwear

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Milavitsa and Lauma Lingerie
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Milavitsa and Lauma Lingerie


Milavitsa and Lauma Lingerie

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