Corporate Governance

Structure of the Group

Supervisory Board

Mr Toomas Tool



Mrs. Triin Nellis

Mrs. Mari Tool


Mr Risto Mägi

Mr Stephan Balkin

Management Board 
Mr Jarek Särgava
Member of the Board

Audit Committee
Otto Tamme
Risto Mägi


Corporate Governance

The Best Practise of Nasdaq OMX listed companies

The attached report of corporate governance requirements concerns only the requirements of the Tallinn Stock Exchange.

Corporate Governance Recommendations

The Best Practice of WSE listed companies

Best Practice for GPW Listed Companies 2016

Arcitles of Association of Silvano Fashion Group

Silvano Fashion Group

… is an international lingerie distribution group involved in design, manufacturing, wholesale, franchise and retail of ladies lingerie.

… is public company, listed in Nasdaq OMX Tallin Stock Exchange from 1997 and Warsaw Stock Exchange from 2007.