Key Strenghts

Well-known and reputable brands

Milavitsa is the most recognized lingerie brand in whole CIS region. Lauma Lingerie commands high levele of recognition in Baltics and Russia and other CIS countries. Historically, products of Belarussian and Baltic origin have been associated with high quality by the majority of Russian and CIS consumers.

Excellent product quality

All Milavitsa brands are recognized with exellent fitting. Another strength is exeptionally wide size and cup scale. Milavitsa for expample from 70A to 120F. Alysee, Milavitsa nad Lauma Lingerie use fabriques, lacies and details from best producers from Europe and worldwide. New fresh collections with desings and are launched every month.

Flexible vertically-integrated structure

Silvano Fashion Group consists of production units and entities which specialize in distribution and retail. This vertical structure is a platform for the Group to utilize production capacities and distribution resources to satisfy the demand for the different products and brands which are produced and marketed by the Group. Moreover, as the entities engaged in retail and franchise sale of the Group’s products are located in different markets, marketing solutions can be developed, planned and, where necessary, re-organized to adapt to the individual structure and particularities of the relevant market. The vertical integration of the Group allows it to capture the overwhelming share of value from product development to retail.

Long-term experience in lingerie industry

The teams of the Silvano Fashion Group production companies are comprised of highly-qualified and professional specialists who have long-term experience in the women’s lingerie industry. To meet the growing demands of its business the Group pays careful attention to the development of all levels of management and to the training of subcontractors, who must meet common Group requirements and perform in line with the overall strategy of the Group.

Access to optimal production resources

A large proportion of the Group’s products is manufactured in the Milavitsa factory in Minsk, Belarus. Milavitsa employs a considerably large number of employees (close to 900) and outsources a large share of its production to other Belarussian manufacturers. The production costs are relatively modest due to the overall lower cost of living and doing business in Belarus. Well-qualified Belarussian labour force enables the Group to optimize its production costs while at the same time maintaining highest standards of quality. The Group intends to continue capitalizing on its proximity of the labour markets to the consumer markets in Belarus, Ukraine and other CIS markets.

Flexibility in manufacturing and logistics

Owning manufacturing facilities in the region allows the Group to have a flexible production supply. The proximity of the Group’s manufacturing capacity to the target markets serves as a competitive advantage over many rivals. The short distance between the production units and the retail stores engaged in the actual sale of the products simplifies logistics, creating opportunities for cost-savings in transportation, customs and warehousing. Thus, there is ample opportunity to perform short-term periodic restocking of the shops and to introduce new collections more often. The largest of the Group’s manufacturing facilities, Milavitsa’s factory)is located in Minsk, Belarus and is thus able to export goods to Russia without facing the customs duties currently imposed on exports from the European Union.